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When it comes to hair care or skincare, the order of the steps is often laid out for the user. Oral hygiene can be a bit more uncertain. When people use proper oral hygiene procedures, it can make a huge impact on their teeth as well as their overall health.

Start With A Rinse

A significant number of people think it’s best to end a brushing session with mouthwash. Dental professionals recommend beginning with mouthwash. One reason is that during the night, the salivary glands are less active. This allows problematic bacteria to gain a foothold overnight. Another reason pre-brush mouthwash is recommended is that using mouthwash directly after brushing can counteract the good things on the teeth from the toothpaste.

Floss Well Between All Teeth

The second step in proper oral hygiene is to floss well. Brushing is more effective when people floss beforehand. Flossing the teeth reaches any particles and debris caught between them. Flossing opens up space between the teeth when the debris is removed, which allows toothpaste to reach further and work better. It can improve the overall cleanliness of the mouth. Flossing after brushing is still preferred to not flossing at all, but it’s much less effective that way.

Brush Teeth With Care

After flossing comes brushing the teeth. People may often be in a rush in the morning or tired at night. Regardless of circumstances, brushing the teeth thoroughly for two minutes is important to dental and gum health. Dental professionals advise the use of electric toothbrushes for improved brushing. Brushing the teeth means covering every tooth surface. This includes the back, front, and biting surfaces of all the teeth. Fluoride toothpaste is recommended over charcoal or whitening options.

Scrape And Clean The Tongue

One often overlooked part of a good dental hygiene routine is cleaning the tongue. Tongues can hold a lot of food particles as well as bacteria. This bacteria can lead to bad breath or teeth and gum issues if it is allowed to thrive and build up. For this reason, dental professionals recommend that people clean and scrape their tongues on a daily basis. It will pay off.